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TOC students, Denver Jn. Baptiste, Reginald Dorcely, Victor Nwaokwu and Sophia Smart describe how they used TOC to achieve success in their goals.

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TOC Students

Denver Jn. Baptiste

Reginald Dorcely

Victor Nwaokwu

Sophia Smart

Denver Jn. Baptiste (back to top)

I am Denver Jn. Baptiste, a Graduate of Medgar Evers College (MEC), where I majored in Biology and had a concentration in mathematics. Along with the courses in Mathematics at MEC I also had experience in Mathematics research projects.

The topics covered in my research were under the umbrella of The Theory of Constraints (TOC), which was pioneered by my mentor Dr. Umesh Nagarkatte.

I use TOC all the time without drawing “graphics or trees”; it aids in organizing my daily endeavors. At MEC, I implemented TOC as the driving force for tutorial management and, it is presently used as the organization tool in my life. It was used to address problems encountered in the mathematics department at MEC, and now it addresses aspects of my life. TOC would help to eliminate major problems not only of tutorial services, but to manage and perform certain duties which entail getting programs tailored to meet the needs of its society.

My experience with TOC helped me understand how it could be implemented, bringing out among other positive aspects, responsibility. Apart from graduating from MEC as Summa Cum Laude, I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Molecular Biology at Princeton University in Molecular biology. TOC helps in keeping my graduate life in harmony.

Reginald Dorcely TOC StudentReginald Dorcely (back to top)













Victor Nwaokwu (back to top)

My name is Victor Nwaokwu, a student of Medgar Evers College, majoring in computer science. The very first time I applied TOC in my academics and likewise in my social life, was in fall 2009 when my mentor, Dr.Umesh Nagarkatte first introduced it to me. Before then, I frequently encountered problems in balancing my academics and my social life. These problems formed formidable barriers in my academic performance. I continued to face greater challenges in my academics due to social activities.

All that changed due to my application of TOC and its thinking processing tools, which helped me think systematically to overcome problems in life that pose a threat in my academic. In the past, I have always procrastinated on schoolwork, and that has always clouded my decisions and judgment when it comes to taking care of schoolwork. However, the application of TOC helped me set my priorities straight and execute them all in a timely fashion. I make sure I complete all necessary task assigned to me in a timely fashion and use the rest of my time wisely to accomplish proficiency in other areas of my academics.

In 2010 I was presented with the Dean's award two times in a row. I am proud to say I developed the website… The "Theory of Constraints (TOC) really helps one think systematically to overcome obstacles and create no new ones". 

Sophia Smart TOC StudentSophia Smart (back to top)

Ms. Sophia Smart, the 2010 Valedictorian graduated with a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Finance, with a grade point average of 3.919." Ms. Smart was also the Associate Scholar of the graduating class of 2009 with a grade point average of 3.966.
Ms. Smart has the honor of being on the Dean’s List for 8 semesters and the President’s List for 4 semesters ; she held numerous leadership positions during her studies. These positions were Treasurer for both The Student Government Association and the Delta Mu Delta International Business Honor Society–Lambda Rho Chapter.

As SGA 2009-2010 treasurer Sophia used the Theory of Constraint to make a policy change in the government. Quoting “I knew we had to do something structural that holds individual accountable for their [SGA members] actions.” Using the TOC thinking process this thought was materialized by implementing the three basic questions in the thinking process:

  1. What to change? - Members receiving Stipends however not necessarily earning it.

  2. What to change to? - Member earning a Stipends based on their performances.

  3. How to cause the change? - Implementing a policy that measures the performance of any stipend-paid position in the SGA.

Using her knowledge of TOC, Sophia implemented a Performance Based Stipend document, which ensured that officers of the SGA were only given compensation based on the quality and quantity of work they performed.  The use of TOC ensured a more effective government practice. “If you really want to be a change agent you will have to see the world through the eyes of T.O.C.”

Additionally, Sophia held leadership positions as Treasurer of the MEC Mathematics Society , and Student Disciplinarian on the Student Faculty Disciplinary Committee. Ms. Smart is a charter member of Upsilon Theta Pi Honor Society, Delta Mu Delta Busines Honor Society and The Inaugural Cohort of The Cuny Leadership Academy Fellows Program currently called Malave Leadership Academy.

Currently Sophia Smart is employed with the Research Foundation of CUNY at Medgar Evers College and is working toward enrolling in a MBA program in Operations Management. Any problem can be resolved from TOC.